FAQs For Existing Students

I Have Purchased A Course How Do I Access My Videos/Learning Resources?

You need to wait for us to enroll you to the courses you have purchased. This is typically within 24 hours, but does depend on exactly when you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased over a weekend then you won't be enrolled until we re open on a Monday morning.

When we enroll you it automatically generates emails that give you the information you need to access your course resources. One of the emails asks you to set a password - you need to do this first

How Long Do I Wait For My Assessment To Be Marked?

Assessments are marked within 10 working days (unless you have paid to fast track). This means that the 10 days does not include the day of submission, or weekends.

For example, if you submit your assessment on say Monday 10th May, then 10 working days is Mon 24th May as the 10th (day you submitted) is not included & neither are the weekends.

Will I Get A Manual In The Post?

No, all the resources including your training manuals are all hosted online. They can be downloaded and printed though if you wish

Can I Print My Manual?

Yes, all of your learning resources can be downloaded and printed from within your student account

It's Asking Me To Pay More Money To Access My Course?

You don't pay anything extra. There will be 2 possible reasons that it looks like you are being asked to pay more money....

  • We have not enrolled you yet....in which case just sit tight until we do
  • Or, you have created a second account using a different email to the one you gave us when you purchased your course. We always enroll you using the email you give us when you purchase

When I Try To Log In I Get A Message Telling Me My Email Does Not Exist

This is because you are trying to log in to the wrong place. You DON'T log in at www.hairextensioncourses.com (thats where you purchased your course)

The correct place to log in to access your course resources is HERE >>

I Can't Find My Order Number To Order My Certificate

You will find this on your order confirmation email that you will have received when you made your course purchase

I Purchased a Course With No Kit. Where Can I Get The Tools & Practice Hair I Need?

We have a separate website where you can purchase tools and hair for every method that we offer you can visit the website HERE >>

I Have Been Told To Contact You About My Assessment

If you have received an email from Helen about your assessment, which asks for further images etc then please copy and paste her exact request into your WhatsApp message and send to Helen. She will then respond during office hours

I Haven't Received My Certificate Yet

Digital copies are sent every Weds & Frid. Hard copy certificates are posted once a week on either a Monday or Tuesday.

So it does depend on when you ordered your certifcate as to when it will be posted. For example, if you order after 12 noon on a Friday then your hard copy certificate won't be dispatched on the next Monday/Tuesday, but the one after that, as our certificates go to be hand written on a Friday afternoon ready for sending on the Monday/Tuesday.

Anything ordered after 12 noon on a Friday, won't go to be written until the following Friday.