Is your course accredited?

Yes they are. All of our online course are fully insurance accredited. This means that upon successful completion of your assessment you are able to obtain your own professional liability insurance which will enable you to offer your hair extension services, to paying clients, safe in the knowledge that you are fully insured

Do I need any prior experience to take the course?

No, you don't. We have had students from many different backgrounds complete our courses. Although of course we do have hairdressers who have taken our courses, it is not a requirement and our accrediting insurer Towergate Health & Beauty will accept you for professional liability insurance.

How do I receive my course?

Your practical kits, training head and hair are all sent via fully tracked next day courier delivery (International delivery typically 3-7 days depending on location). Your course materials (video tutorials, training manuals, case study criteria, aftercare sheets, consultation forms etc) are sent via email within 24 hours, so you can get started straight away with your learning..

Is support available during the course?

Of course. We are available via email & live chat to offer guidance and support at any point within your course.

How is the course assessed?

You are required to complete a full head extension fitting on the provided training head, using the practice hair supplied by us. A full head fitting is required for each method that you wish to receive certification for. You will take step by step images of your hair extension fitting and submit them via email. The exact images you need to take and submit is all explained in your course materials.

How long will the course take me?

This depends on you and the time you have to give to your course. The great thing about accredited online learning is that you can fit it in around your everyday life. This is why our courses have become so popular, as so many people like to be able to complete their assessment at their own pace. We encourage you to set aside some consistent time to devote to your course, rather than leaving big periods of time between your learning, but there is no time limit to complete your assessments

How long does it take for my work to be assessed once I have sent it to you?

We like to complete assessments as soon as possible, as we know you are excited to get started with your hair extension clients. Typically your assessment will be marked within 7 to 14 working days. Sometimes if we have a huge number of assessments submitted at the same time this can be a little longer, however this is rare, and if you haven't heard from your tutor within 14 days feel free to give them a nudge!

What happens if I don't pass?

If your assessment does not quite reach the required standard its not a problem. Your tutor will offer guidance as to what needs to be improved upon in order to be successful, and will invite you to re-submit your assessment. The most common reasons for being asked to re-submit are missing required images, or misunderstanding what is required for a certain image. You will only need to re-submit anything which is missing or needs improvement not all of the images

Is there a written assessment?

No, there is no written assessment. You are asked to submit a brief written overview about how you found the method, difficulties you experienced etc but there is no written 'test'.